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(Dark Fantasy Horror)

Maya has been having nightmares since her father died. She's going back to the Philippines to bury him next to her mother's grave. Her mother died when she was born. Maya and her father moved to Chicago when she was 15. She hasn't been back since they moved. Maya is taking her daughter to the Philippines for the first time. She has mixed emotions about their upcoming trip. She's worried that bad things will happen while they're in the Philippines. Maya loves her daughter very much. She is her world and she will do anything to protect her. Maya's worst fear becomes reality. Her daughter's life is in the hands of a dangerous creature. Maya has to act fast to save her. She unravels the truth about her bloodline. She must choose to accept who she is or lose her daughter for good.

MAYA The Sacrifice is a film for a cause dedicated to Mental Health Awareness. It is a dark fantasy horror film based on a story of a mother's love and the daughter's determination to get better. Together they fight to destroy the deadliest and scariest monsters alive. A story of love, courage, strength, determination, and triumph. The film will give you chills, suspense, love, laughter, drama, thrills, actions and scare that will leave you off the edge of your seats and your eyes glued to the screen.

"What inspired me to write MAYA The Sacrifice is my daughter. She is going through tough times. Her courage, strength, and determination kept me going. Mental illness is not something you ignore it has to be addressed. The mental health crises are at their peak and suicide amongst children and adults is at an all-time high. My team and I will make this amazing film a success. Let's end the stigma because of everyone's lives matter."


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